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Family of Thomas E BRUNKER and Lucinda WATERS

Husband: Thomas E BRUNKER (1821-1901)
Wife: Lucinda WATERS (1855-1909)
Children: Francis Harpur BRUNKER (1876-1895)
Frederick William BRUNKER (1877-1964)
Lucinda Ethel BRUNKER (1878-1948)
Thomas Ernest BRUNKER (1879-1962)
Victoria Alice BRUNKER (1881-1971)
Florence Mary BRUNKER (1883-1960)
Nora Constance LAWRENCE (1885-1972)
Marriage Mar 8, 1875 Dublin, Ireland

Husband: Thomas E BRUNKER

Name: Thomas E BRUNKER1
Sex: Male
Father: George BRUNKER (1778-1852)
Mother: Margaret JENNINGS (1789-1840)
Birth Jan 2, 1821 Dublin, Ireland
Death Jun 19, 1901 (age 80) Dublin, Ireland

Wife: Lucinda WATERS

Name: Lucinda WATERS2
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Feb 12, 1855 Dublin, Ireland
Death Apr 19, 1909 (age 54) Dublin, Ireland

Child 1: Francis Harpur BRUNKER

Name: Francis Harpur BRUNKER3
Sex: Male
Birth Feb 3, 1876 Dublin, Ireland
Death Sep 15, 1895 (age 19) Dublin, Ireland

Child 2: Frederick William BRUNKER

Name: Frederick William BRUNKER4
Sex: Male
Birth May 26, 1877 Blackrock, Dublin, Ireland
Death Dec 21, 1964 (age 87) Chelsea, London, England

Child 3: Lucinda Ethel BRUNKER

Name: Lucinda Ethel BRUNKER5
Sex: Female
Birth Jun 4, 1878 Dublin, Ireland
Death Jul 23, 1948 (age 70) Rathdown, Dublin, Ireland

Child 4: Thomas Ernest BRUNKER

Name: Thomas Ernest BRUNKER6
Sex: Male
Birth Jul 24, 1879 Dublin, Dublin, Ireland
Death Apr 3, 1962 (age 82) Dublin, Ireland

Child 5: Victoria Alice BRUNKER

Name: Victoria Alice BRUNKER7
Sex: Female
Birth Dec 8, 1881 Dublin, Ireland
Death Nov, 1971 (age 89) Brighestone, Isle of Wight, England

Child 6: Florence Mary BRUNKER

Name: Florence Mary BRUNKER8
Sex: Female
Birth Mar 19, 1883 Dublin, Ireland
Death Dec, 1960 (age 77) Ipswich, Suffolk, England

Child 7: Nora Constance LAWRENCE

Name: Nora Constance LAWRENCE9,10
Sex: Female
Spouse: William LAWRENCE (1871-1949)
Birth Apr 10, 1885 Dublin, Ireland10
Residence Apr 2, 1911 (age 25) Rathmines & Rathgar West, Dublin, Ireland10
Relation to Head of House: Wife
Death Oct 2, 1972 (age 87) Sandycove, Dublin, Ireland


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