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Family of John ASHWORTH and Jane BAKER

Husband: John ASHWORTH (1805-1878)
Wife: Jane BAKER (1812- )
Children: Emma ASHWORTH (1835- )
Jane Baker ASHWORTH (c. 1838- )
Eliza ASHWORTH (b.1840, bur.1843)
Thomas Baker ASHWORTH (1844-1878)
John ASHWORTH (1842- )
Marriage Jun 19, 1834 St. James', Wardleworth, Lancashire, England
John married Jane Baker at Wardleworth, Rochdale on 19 June 1834. The marriage licence was for St James’ and showed John to be a woollen manufacturer of Drake Street and Jane to be of Yorkshire Street. They were both described as 21 or over. This marriage it would seem gave rise to the use of Baker as a middle forename which was to continue in the family for generations.

Husband: John ASHWORTH

Name: John ASHWORTH1
Sex: Male
Father: John ASHWORTH (1782-1847)
Mother: Sally Holt ASHWORTH (1784-1862)
Birth Jun 4, 1805 Rochdale, Lancashire, England
Baptism Jul 14, 1805 (age 0) Rochdale, Lancashire, England
Union Street Wesleyan Methodist, Rochdale, Lancashire, England
John had apparently left two executors for his will, neither of whom was able to act. It is likely that one of these was Jane. His son Thomas administered his estate until he died a few months later and the running of the business and administration of the estate then fell to Thomas’ brother John who made considerable losses. In 1879 the mill, Victoria Mill and all its fixtures and fittings in Oldham Road, warehouses and offices in Great George Street and Back Drake Street, thirteen cottages and two “capital dwelling houses” [one occupied by John Ashworth] were all put up for sale. It is not known if the business retained any other premises from which it could carry on. Son John had been a woollen manufacturer in 1871 but has not been found in 1881.

1841 Drake Street, Castleton, Rochdale
John Ashworth, 35, Woollen M[anufacturer], born in county
Jane, 25, born in county
Emma, 6, born in county
Jane, 4, born in county
Eliza, 1, born in county
Betsy Turner, 20, female servant, born in county

1851 146 Drake Street, all born Rochdale
John Ashworth, 45, woollen manufacturer (firm of three) employing 100 men, 50 women, 30 boys, 40 girls, Total 220
Jane, 37
Jane, 12, scholar
John, 8, scholar
Thomas Baker, 7, scholar
Betsy Turner, servant, 32, house maid

The fact that Betsy is still working for the family after at least ten years perhaps indicates that they were good employers.

1861 Hare Street, Castleton, Rochdale, all family born Rochdale
John Ashworth, 55, woollen manufacturer
Jane, 48
Emma, 25
Jane B, 22
John, 18, learning woollen trade
Thomas B, 17, solicitor’s clerk
Mary Megery, widow, 32, cook, born Rosconnan Ireland
Nora Crowther, 18, house servant, born Rochdale

1871 25 Hare Street, Castleton, Rochdale, all family born Rochdale
John Ashworth, 65, woollen manufacturer
Jane, 58
Jane B, 33, daughter unmarried
Sarah Ogilvy, 41, unmarried, servant, domestic cook, b Scotland
Elizabeth Hibbert, 23, unmarried, servant, domestic house maid, b Buxton Derbyshire
Death Mar 27, 1878 (age 72)
John died on 27 March 1878 age 72. His death was covered by the local newspaper; “We regret to have to record the death of an old and respected townsman – Mr John Ashworth – head of the firm of John Ashworth & Sons, woollen manufacturers, of Oldham Road Mills, one of the old well-established concerns of which Rochdale can boast so many… Mr late John Ashworth was for many years a most attentive man of business, and until a few weeks ago seemed to enjoy very robust health. He died at his residence, Larkfield, on Wednesday last, the 27th instant, at the good old age of 73 [72 according to his headstone].” [Rochdale Observer 30 March 1878]

Wife: Jane BAKER

Name: Jane BAKER2
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Sep 2, 1812 Rochdale, Lancashire, England

Child 1: Emma ASHWORTH

Name: Emma ASHWORTH3
Sex: Female
Birth Apr 19, 1835

Child 2: Jane Baker ASHWORTH

Name: Jane Baker ASHWORTH4
Sex: Female
Birth c. 1838 Rochdale, Lancashire, England

Child 3: Eliza ASHWORTH

Name: Eliza ASHWORTH5
Sex: Female
Birth 1840
Baptism Aug 12, 1840 (age 0)
Burial Mar 3, 1843 St Chad’s Rochdale

Child 4: Thomas Baker ASHWORTH

Name: Thomas Baker ASHWORTH6
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Elizabeth B HEYES (1847-1913)
Birth Jan 6, 1844 Rochdale, Lancashire, England
The children of Thomas and Elizabeth present something of a puzzle. Six names have been identified for whom no baptism records have been found for four and no certain birth registration for another. Two of them, John and Thomas look surprisingly close together unless John was baptised quite late but both have the family forename of Baker, although the original of the baptism register has not been seen. Neither John nor Thomas has been found in a census although the one census return where one would expect them still to be living at home, 1881, has not been found. Nonetheless this does seem to be a correct list because it was stated in 1878 that the family had six children, the two eldest being girls and the rest boys.
Census 1871 (age 26-27)
1871 158 Drake Street, Castleton
Thomas Baker Ashworth, 27, attorney & solicitor, born Rochdale
Elizabeth, 24, born Southport
Gertrude 1, born Rochdale
Beatrice 1m, born Rochdale
Margaret Hatley, 18, nurse maid, born Ireland
Occupation -; Manchester, England
Unlike his immediate forebears, Thomas trained to be a solicitor in Manchester and then got his articles in Cockermouth before returning to Rochdale.
Death Sep 30, 1878 (age 34) Derby Hotel, Bury, Lancashire, England
Thomas died suddenly on 30 September 1878 while in Bury on business. He had been suffering from heart problems and had been feeling quite ill for the past few days. The inquest concluded that he died from natural causes, most likely heart disease. A long piece was written about him in the local paper which spoke strongly and at length about his professional ability and dedication and also referred to the many who looked upon him as “a hearty and sincere friend”. The Chief Constable spoke of “the energy, and the earnestness, and the ability which the deceased had invariably manifested in advocating or defending the interests of his clients”. The streets to the cemetery were lined with spectators and there was “a very large gathering … to witness the interment”. Thomas was a mason and was buried with masonic rites. His six children were aged between 7 years and less than 8 months.

Child 5: John ASHWORTH

Sex: Male
Spouse: Sarah GAMON (1840- )
Birth 1842

Note on Marriage

John and Jane had several children but baptisms have only been found for two of them. There are very many Ashworths in Rochdale so it is quite possible that those baptisms which were found were children of another John and Jane but we know from censuses that they had children of those names born around that time.


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