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Family of Mack Spears FRY and Bettie Louise Fry (born TARPLEY)

Husband: Mack Spears FRY (1927-1989)
Wife: Bettie Louise Fry (born TARPLEY) (1933-c. 1975)
Children: Mickey Lee FRY (1952-1975)
Marriage Jul 24, 1948

Husband: Mack Spears FRY


Mack Spears FRY

Name: Mack Spears FRY
Sex: Male
Father: DAVID EVANDER "DEE" FRY (1881-1964)
Mother: Bertha M “Bert” Spears FRY (1889-1971)
Birth Jan 20, 1927 Clay County, Texas, USA
Death Jun 26, 1989 (age 62) Jacksboro, Jack County, Texas

Wife: Bettie Louise Fry (born TARPLEY)

Name: Bettie Louise Fry (born TARPLEY)
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Mar 29, 1933
Death c. 1975 (age 41-42)

Child 1: Mickey Lee FRY


Mickey Lee FRY

Name: Mickey Lee FRY
Sex: Male
Birth May 3, 1952 Jacksboro, Jack County, Texas
Death Jul 2, 1975 (age 23) Jack County, Texas

Note on Husband: Mack Spears FRY (1)


Oakwood Cemetery

Jacksboro, Jack County, Texas, USA

MEMORIAL ID 35414729

Note on Husband: Mack Spears FRY (2)

Worked in maintenance, and is buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Jacksboro, Jack County, Texas