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Family of William Elwood TERRY and Gladys Ann WISEMAN

Husband: William Elwood TERRY (1936- )
Wife: Gladys Ann WISEMAN ( - )
Children: Timothy Don TERRY (1960- )
Tye Delwood TERRY (1964- )
Tracy Deanne TERRY (1969- )
Marriage 1958

Husband: William Elwood TERRY

Name: William Elwood TERRY
Sex: Male
Father: WILLIAM MALVIN TERRY (1894-1968)
Mother: Edith Evelyn FRY (1906-1979)
Birth Oct 21, 1936 Valley View, Texas

Wife: Gladys Ann WISEMAN

Name: Gladys Ann WISEMAN
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: Timothy Don TERRY

Name: Timothy Don TERRY
Sex: Male
Birth 1960 Gainesville, Texas

Child 2: Tye Delwood TERRY

Name: Tye Delwood TERRY
Sex: Male
Birth 1964 Gainesville, Texas

Child 3: Tracy Deanne TERRY

Name: Tracy Deanne TERRY
Sex: Unknown
Birth 1969 Gainesville, Texas