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Family of Brice Jerry DAVIS and Misty Raquel ALEXANDER

Husband: Brice Jerry DAVIS (1983- )
Wife: Misty Raquel ALEXANDER (1987- )
Children: Kaylee Jayne DAVIS (2011- )
Status: Never Married

Husband: Brice Jerry DAVIS

Name: Brice Jerry DAVIS
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth May 23, 1983

Wife: Misty Raquel ALEXANDER

Name: Misty Raquel ALEXANDER
Sex: Female
Father: Connie Lee ALEXANDER (1964- )
Mother: Lisa Rae ALEXANDER (1966- )
Birth Oct 19, 1987 Sheridan, Wy

Child 1: Kaylee Jayne DAVIS

Name: Kaylee Jayne DAVIS
Sex: Female
Birth Apr 20, 2011 Gillette, Campbell County, Wyoming, USA