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Family of John Fry JR and Mary Seek FRY

Husband: John Fry JR (1770-1839)
Wife: Mary Seek FRY (1787-1849)
Children: Henry Harvey FRY (1823-1885)

Husband: John Fry JR

Name: John Fry JR
Sex: Male
Father: Johann Peter Frey SR (1746-1815)
Mother: Elenor KERN ( - )
Birth 1770 Davidson County, North Carolina, USA
Death 1839 (age 68-69) McMinn County, Tennessee
Burial Murrays Chapel Cemetery
Louden County, Tennessee

Wife: Mary Seek FRY

Name: Mary Seek FRY
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1787 Wythe County, Virginia, USA
Death 1849 (age 61-62) McMinn County, Tennessee, USA

Child 1: Henry Harvey FRY



Name: Henry Harvey FRY
Sex: Male
Spouse: Alpha Lavella Rutherford FRY (1830-1898)
Birth 1823 McMinn County, Tennessee, USA
Death May 23, 1885 (age 61-62) Douglas County, Missouri, USA
Burial Frye Cemetery
Ava, Douglas County, Missouri

Note on Husband: John Fry JR

Son of John Peter Fry, Father of Harvey Fry There is no existing stones for John and Mary though they are buried here. After they passed Pond Creek Church moved and became FBC Sweetwater the cemetery was neglected for years before the church that now exists was built across the road.

Married 1804 Wythe County, VA

Known Children

Eleanor Fry 1806 married Elisha Law.

Austin Fry born 1808 married unknown.

William Fry 1810 married Mary Fester went with Harvey to MO

Hazeal Fry 1812 McMinn, Tn married Paulina Taylor, died 1877 Clinton, MO.

George Fry 1814 married Elizabeth Bogart

Annis Fry 1821 married James S Taylor brother of Paulina, died Mountain Home, AR. seen in the 1840 census with Mary.

Harvey Fry born 1723 married Alpha Rutherford.

John and Mary probably had one child between 1804 & 1806 and three or more unknown children between 1814 and 1821.

Note on Wife: Mary Seek FRY

John Fry's wife Mary on the 1840 Census. John is obviously dead or the head of house would be his name. His wife Mary is listed as living on parcel 81 (born 1787); and William on 80(born 1810) William is known to have moved with his brother to Ozark county, MO in the mid 1850s and owned a place beside Harvey. So three of them were fairly close together. The Male in Mary's household listed as 10 to 15 (This Male would be my 5th grandfather Harvey Fry age 17); females 20 to 30 (Annis Fry born 1821 (died in Mountain Home, AR; and 50 to 60 (Mary). Individual exact ages are not given. John is not noted on the 1840 census so he may have passed away sometime in or about 1839.

Harvey and Alpha Fry is noted on the 1850 /census as living in Monroe County, TN


In the History of the Sweetwater Valley

Copyright 1916 by William Ballard Lenoir


"On the 20th of November 1824 there met at John Howell's in McMinn County the following bretheren and sisters:....."

"Some time afterward a small church and a shed for camp meeting purposes was built where J.N. Heiskell now lives on Pond Creek (1914); I do not know the date of erection of either but it must have been some time in the later twenties."

Lenoir said the church was reasonably prosperous and that some members left the church over its support of foreign missions. In 1844 some half dozen members were excluded "for joining what they denominated the Christian Church, often termed the Campbellites."

Because of unsuitability of the building and strife among the membership it was decided in 1854 to endeavor to build a house of worship in the new town of Sweetwater. First Baptist Church, Sweetwater, TN.

I'm pretty sure this is the Pond Creek Baptist church you are looking for. I think present day Murray's Chapel Baptist Church on Pond Creek on a side road to the right off hwy 68 a mile or so west of exit 60 probably is close to the site. I think it is situated about 10 feet within McMinn County line where McMinn and Loudon County bound. (Loudon County was established in 1870 with land taken mostly from Roane County. So this church would have been "right on the Roane County line."

My ancestors were members of First Baptist Church, Sweetwater, TN back near its inception. Harvey and Alpha Fry were members of Pond Creek Baptist Church. The church was just down the road from where his father lived. The information I have is that Mary and probably John Fry Joined the church in 1832 and Mary Joined it again in 1849. Shortly after Joining Mary is noted as passing on in 1849. My Harvey Fry was married to Alpha Lovella Rutherford June 3,1847 at the home of James Rutherford, McMinn Co. TN by pastor G. W. Wallis, pastor of Pond Creek. It is possible that John and Mary were at the inception of Pond Creek Baptist Church because they moved to the area around 1800.